You And I

You and I- we aren’t good for each other,

We are the devils spawn and the idle minds workshop together.

You and I-we’re the worst sides of each other,

We’re incompatible and not meant to be forever.

But you and I-we’re still united,

After so many flames of destruction we ignited.

You and I aren’t a favour to society,

You and I are the reason we’re happy.

You and I are memorable yesterdays, “look forward to” todays and promising tomorrows.

You and I are the end of an eternity of pain and sorrow.

You and I don’t make the world a better place,

But together, we manage to give our hearts some peace and space.

You and I – we’re incompatible and may’nt last,

But that’s only another reason to hold on to you tight and fast.

I try to give you up,

You’re a toxic poison in small doses,

But you’re a little pick-me-up,

The one who brings me roses.

You and I are the calm before the storm,

You and I are the reason everything will go wrong.

Even though I know what you and I are,

I can’t give up, now that we’ve come so far.

Take a stroll down memory lane,

And I want to spend yesterday with you again.

So every time I try to let you go,

I tighten the hold,

Knowing that with you, I’ve struck gold,

And without you, I won’t live to turn old.


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