The Little Bird Has To Fly

I have been in the nest,

Knowing life only at its best,

Sheltered from the world of wrongs,

To an ethereal existence I belong.

Today is the day I step out to see,

The real world in all its beauty,

The flame of enthusiasm burns within me,

As the desire to meander flares within me.

It’s time to stop shirking the sun,

It’s time to step out of the shade,

It’s time to stop the urge to run,

It’s time to face the blade.

The dagger of hope pierces my heart,

As truth drives my two worlds apart,

The one I call family, I call home,

The other where I stand alone.

While I know that I have my pillars to fall back on,

When I know that my support system will always be strong,

I also know that I will face obstacles,

Maybe even some I cannot handle.

As they hug me close one last time,

I feel the winds caress my face as the windcharm chimes,

I hear my fathers voice encouraging me to live my dreams,

I see my mothers face and know that she’ll always be there for me.

With a song in my heart and words in my name,

I step out into a new world to play a new game,

Farewell, adieu, To family, goodbye,

For it is time now, the little bird has to fly.


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