Long Lost Friendships 

Long lost friendships 
Today as I stand on the threshold,

Looking back at the life that I led,

I find certain regrets that are in my heart held,

The regrets of leaving behind all those that above my life I beheld.

I remember those lovely memories of laughs and capers I shared, 

In all those friendships that can never be repaired,

When time and space separated us all to the point of no return,

When I turned taciturn.

Those once familiar faces,

Now seem but part of certain phases, 

The life that we endured together, 

Sharing a friendship which we hoped would stay forever. 

All is not meant to be,

Just as this friendship wasn’t an everlasting ecstasy,

Today I light the fire,

To our friendship’s funeral pyre. 

We have mobiles but no contact,

We have Facebook but no chats,

We broke beyond belief

The day our friendship stopped giving us relief.

We simply became a burden on one another,

The sooner forgotten the better.

Funny thing we say keep in touch 

And when they call we say “bothering much?” 

We ran after lives and careers,

For the betterment of our futures, 

But an ounce away from death, 

I still can’t get them out of my head. 


25 thoughts on “Long Lost Friendships ”

    1. Yes it is the first! I thank you! Though I hope you know that it’s not our friend group I’m talking about! I just tend to get a little.. morbid when writing a poem! 😂😂😂


  1. Oh my god! This is really so moving. Especially the part about the ones we once so dearly loved only being a certain phase now. I have always appreciated your poetry and would love love love to hear more of it.

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  2. This is such a good poem. It’s raw, heartbreaking and real. Graduating from school is hard and your writing brings to light the fading of the friendships that inevitably follows. Hopefully we can all change that. But this is a really beautiful effort. You were recommended by a friend and I’m glad she did so 👍👏

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  3. Lovely poem 😊 , it really touched my heart….. U are very honest in expressing your thoughts…… One should never see his/her friend as a burden . A true friend is a like a pearl who brings happiness and love in our life 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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