The Poor Old Beggar 

One day,my grandfather (then a young and strong gentleman)was walking down a road. He saw an old and poor man sitting there and begging for some money. The gentleman was handicapped and his face was grotesquely disfigured. One could hardly make out the eyes in the filth ridden face and it was plain that he had faced a lot of hardships and difficulty. He had a nasty gash on the forehead which was bleeding profusely. 

People cringed at the sight of him and talked about how mankind and humanity were mere names which held no meaning. Nobody responded to his pleas and calls for help. It was obvious that he was in anguish and suffering but none even thought of aiding the poor man who was reduced to begging at an age where he should be leading a life of self respect and basic comfort. 
My grandfather was more sad than repulsed to see this poor man’s plight. He helped him up,took him to the restaurant where he was an employee and fed him. When the man had eaten to his full,he took him to a doctor and had the bleeding gash stitched up. 

The old gentleman blessed him saying that may heaven rain down many joys upon the person who had given him a new life. He went his way,happy and satisfied.

He had to work extra for a year to pay off the debt of his employer,who had allowed him to feed the old man and the doctor who had agreed to give treatment. 

He led a very successful life in terms of love,company,children and family. He was contented and never yearned for more. However,the happiness I saw on his face when I heard him tell me the tale was ethereal. 

It was pure joy at having been able to help another human being. He confessed that he had been selfish when he had aided that gentleman. Serving others gave him a satisfaction which could only be imagined and it was so different a feeling from any other that he couldn’t help but do it again and again. 

He used to always tell me that the sun will set on his time some day. Sure enough,it did. Before he died,he told me this story which had transpired in his youth,which had changed his life. This was a last lesson he wanted me to remember. 

Even today,many years later,whenever I see old and poor people,I try and help them to the extent I can. True enough,these small deeds give me immense happiness. They wipe away any regrets I have and give me peace and tranquility. If we stop aiding such unfortunate humans in our own small little ways,then mankind and humanity will truly become words which have no meaning. 

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